What I Ate & Why

Happy Monday! I decided to make a blog post of what I Ate and why. Sometimes it’s important to understand why we are eating things. It’s good to question what your truly craving and did that food fulfill that craving. Please understand I am not trying to tell you what you should eat because your body is so different than mine! Now, time for the food! 
This morning I had some special K red berry cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. This is my FAVORITE cereal, it is so so good. I wanted something easy and yummy, plus I was craving it! I can’t tell you why, but I always eat my cereal in a coffee mug. It just tastes better that way 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had my cereal with my iced coffee. I do 8 oz of coffee w/ 3 French vanilla creamers, a splash of almond milk, & stevia to make it extra sweet!

My sweet grandparents came up to see us and my grandma took me & my sister shopping and to lunch. We decided upon a cute little sandwich place & it was extremely delicious! I got the turkey &a…

Weekly Outfits & Dinners Round Up

Informal Dress Look Similar Dress - $20 //Jean Jacket - $30 ^^Clickable link 

Sweater Weather
Similar Top - $18//Jeans - $38

Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, Annie’s Homegrown White Cheddar Mac n Cheese, & Steamed Broccoli

Dressed Up

Top - $16//Similar Booties - $40// Gucci Belt Dupe - $30 //

4 Ways to Wear Lululemom

Happy Mondayyy!!! So, I am a huge fan of lululemon and I thought I would share that passion with ya'll. I have four completely different lululemon outfits down below with links and prices below!! 
Discloser: If you click the links I have below, I would receive credit for the items you purchase, opposed to you going to the site yourself. Thank you for your support, you guys are amazing!

Similar Leggings - $88 // Pullover - $80 (on poshmark)** // Watch Band - $8 **My pullover is no longer sold on Lululemon, but I linked one from poshmark! 

Tank Top - $13 // Fabletics Leggings - $80 or 2 for $24 //  Water Bottle - $22 // Silk Scrunchy - $9

Pullover - $98// Leggings - $108 // Shoes - $78

Top - $78 //Similar Vest - $148// Leggings - $69

How to Realistically Start Eating Intuitively - Step 1

I remember when I was first learning, I tried googling how to start but all I saw were the 10 principals of Intuitive Eating *(listed below). I was like ok great, but still, where and how do I start? I can’t just magically change my mindset and ignore all the food rules I had been practicing for over a year. My body was totally out of wack and I didn’t even know how to eat normally. I remember reading “just listen to your hunger cues,” well at that point, I didn’t have any hunger cues! My body was so confused, it didn’t know when I was hungry or full. I felt like I could eat anytime and anything. There was no regulation. Now I am able to feel fullness & hunger and listen to my body and give it what it needs. There’s always days where my appetite is lower or I might not be hungry for lunch, yet I know my body needs energy. 
Let’s get to it.. where should you start?? I HIGHLY reccomend purchasing this Inuitive Eating book by  Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch. During my research, this …

Rainy Day Outfit

Rain Jacket//Friends Tee - Grey// Friends Tee - Black // Jeans // Rain Booties

I have been dying to wear these rain booties!! They are so adorable & super affordable at $28. It finally rained & I got to wear them today! They are probably the most comfortable shoes I own, but sadly I can’t wear them everyday 🤣
You guys know by now that American eagle jeans are the only jeans for chan lol. I swear by them. They are so comfy and their sizes don’t differ among styles. The jeans I linked are actually on sale right now for $30.  
If you are a fan of Friends then this Tee is a MUST. Only $18!
I have had this rain coat for years and love it. I haven’t even looked for any other one. I love the style and I love the fit. I love navy with yellow so this was perfect 😍 It’s priced at $45, and like I said it’s lasted me for years and it’s still in perfect condition.

Product Review: Hair Mask

Amazon // Walmart
I have never used a hair mask and I decided I wanted to try one. Since it would be my first one, I didn’t want to buy a super expensive one in case I didn’t like it. I found this one at Walmart and was so excited! It’s only $10 and it’s a good sized container. I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner then parted my hair in two and generously applied the mask. The texture was like coconut oil, not to hard but not soft and pretty thick. I used a wet brush to make sure it was evenly spread through out my hair. I let it sit for 5 minutes while I finished my shower routine and then thoroughly rinsed it out. That’s all! The next day I could tell a HUGE difference. My hair was so much softer and silkier after one use. I definitely recommend this product. You can also get it in a 16 oz tub on amazon here. Try it out and let me know how you love it!! 💕

My Story & Recovery from an Eating Disorder

Hey Guys, so my name is Chandler and I am currently a junior, in high school. Ok, I know what your thinking, "There is no flippin' way this chick knows what she's talking about." But let me change your mind. I have been through an eating disorder and recovery on my own and have done endless hours of research on everything I say. In no way will I ever tell you how to eat, move, or feel; I am only here to tell you about my life and things that have changed it in the best ways.
       Let's go back to that eating disorder... So, in my ninth grade year I started eating "healthy." I always remember feeling like the bigger one of my friends, which let me say, I was NEVER big, my friends were just tiny. As a 5'7 ninth grader I was about 135 lbs, I did cheer and a lot of it was muscle. By eating "healthy," I was restricting my calories A LOT. It got to the point where I avoided social outings with my friends in fear of what we would eat because I k…